Saturday, November 04, 2000

Siolim, Goa – 403 517, India.

A rather unique sort of learning process was set in motion in the Siolim village, situated on the west coast of Goa, in India, on November 3, 2000, at 9.30 a.m. IST. A small group of just six persons, enthusiastic about the learning adventure, hitherto locked up in books and bureaucratic tangle, gathered to discuss the very first topic “When the Earth Moves”.

The small group present comprised of Glenis D’Souza, Sebastian Rodrigues, Gordon Mendonca, Tony Fernandez, Roussel Lobo, Joel D’Souza and Clinton D’Souza. Gordon, a geologist, who had just returned to India for a brief holiday from Nigeria, initiated a studied presentation, marked with the personal interaction with the small yet vocal band of participants.

Gordon dealt expertly with the principles of Geo-Physics along with a number of theories on Geology. It was indeed an adventurous journey to the participants, hailing from diverse backgrounds such as Communications, Sociology, Computer Science, Engineering, Literature and Humanities. They had the opportunity of knowing how, when, where, why, etc of earthquakes, adding to the knowledge they had obtained at school, college and other sources of information. For the first time, they got a glimpse of the rattling process going on continuously below the earth’s surface, resulting virtually into a million earthquakes, of which just a handful are felt by the earth’s inhabitants.

The Goa Freedom University is an informal network of interested pals, committed to the joys of learning and sharing of Knowledge, with a multi-disciplinary approach. The University possesses neither premises nor admission fee. Neither does it care for ostentatious convocation ceremonies and degrees. The sole criteria for admission is an open mind to a learning quest.